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Tinolang Manok sa Luyang Dilaw (Chicken Ginger Stew)

My sister in law gave me a handful of their Luyang Dilaw (turmeric ginger) harvest last year. I thought of using it to cook  my family’s favorite Tinolang Manok.

Verdict? This is tastier and smells good than the ones cooked with ordinary ginger. Luyang Dilaw eliminates the lansa taste or aftertaste of the chicken.


1 kilo chicken cut in serving pieces

chicken gizzard and liver

1 medium size papaya

1 clove of garlic (crushed)

1 piece onion (sliced)

chili (sili) leaves

Saute garlic, onion, turmeric in a small amount of vegetable oil. Add chicken, gizzard and liver, papaya. Drop some salt or a teaspoonful of fish sauce (patis). Add water to boil. Add salt or fish sauce to taste. Add chili leaves in the latter part of cooking. Best served when hot.

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