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Tips on saving fuel in the kitchen

If we can save on water consumption, we can do the same for cooking fuel. Take note of the following cooking tips.

Turn on your gas stove when you are ready to cook and you have prepared all the ingredients.

Avoid using too much water when cooking because it takes longer time to evaporate and wastes so much fuel in the process.

Use lid to cover cooking pots and pans to prevent heat from evaporating.

Use small burner when cooking because big burner consumes more gas.

Clean the burner for efficient release of gas. Orange and yellow flames are a sign that you need to clean your burner.

A refill of an 11-kilogram liquefied petroleum gas tank costs P500 to P600 depending on current market price.

Learn how to make the gas tank last until the next pay. And maybe you can live without cigars or cigarettes for a day. The money you use to buy sancho panza cigars could be diverted toward more important things like paying utility bills.