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I practically grew up helping my mother and my aunt in our small eatery. We have a stall in front of my aunt’s place where a wide table was put up to accommodate several cauldrons of cooked viands. The ‘Carinderia’ was a hit in the neighborhood especially for those who don’t have time to cook their meal.

The eatery has helped all of us tremendously because the earnings from that business were able to send all of us children to college. After a decade of being active, my aunt finally decided to close shop. We are no longer living with my aunt because I have a family of my own now and so is my sister.

My aunt and mom thought that if they were wiser then, they could have put up a separate bank account or something where a share of what they earned from the eatery will go. I’m not sure if it’s called annuity, but they’ll be receiving a fixed amount until now.

I gained valuable lessons from helping mom and aunt in maintaining our carinderia. I learned the value of money and ‘time management’ as a teenager. I can’t imagine I survived the days where I have to do several assignments or review for upcoming exams in the middle of serving customers. Those are the experiences that I’ll never forget and I want my kids to learn something from my experience as well.