Tips on buying a gas or electric range

Unless you want to spend most of your budget on take out, and you want to stuff your family with unhealthy nitrates (or, is it nitrites?), then you won’t need to buy yourself a kitchen stove or gas range. Otherwise, this is clearly a cooking essential which all homes must have.

When buying a cooking range, choose a convection oven, as this cooks foods faster than a conventional oven, because it forces heat to circulate around the food being cooked.

Instead of coil burners, go for smooth top ranges, as these are easier to clean. All it takes is a quick wipe with a damp cloth after each use.

2 thoughts on “Tips on buying a gas or electric range

  1. imriz

    uy, nangangarap nga ako ng bagong oven, nasira na un namana ko sa nanay ko, hindi nman maisingit at enrollment pa:)

    hindo po ako cook, puro “patcham” lang niluluto ko, tsamba tsamba, hehe.

  2. Canadian Doomer

    However, you can’t can food using a flat stove top. 🙂

    Our repairman said to pick the SIMPLEST stove you can – no digital clock, timer, anything like that – because those cost an absolute fortune to fix.


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