Would it be plastic or fine linen?

Someone’s dining table badly needs a makeover. That would be ours. Don’t laugh but our table is presently clad with a tarpaulin table cover. The cheapest in town! Hubby got some clean scrap (unused) tarpaulin and reused it into a table cover. We tried plastic cover once or twice and they tore easily. We also tried tablecloth (not the finest oval tablecloths premier table linens though) but someone spilled a thick sauce on it leaving an unsightly and permanent stain. So we decided to have another plastic cover before our present tarp cover.

I might also consider a cheaper table cloth from the thrift shop or if I can’t find something decent I might commission a seamstress neighbor to make me a table cloth from the materials she purchased in Divisoria. She would definitely give me a big discount for the project since the cloth material is bought wholesale.

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